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Riddle & Bloom is looking for influential content creators in college to promote Hulu’s Student Deal during the Fall 2022 academic semester. As a Hulu Social influencer, you will promote Hulu’s Student Deal, which is an exclusive deal for college students to get Hulu’s ad-supported plan for only $1.99/month, through your social channels as part of your mission to increase awareness of the student deal and showcase why students at your campus should sign up. 


This is a paid, part-time, Independent contractor role with Riddle & Bloom. This role requires a time commitment of 6-8 hours per week for the duration of the program. At Hulu we take pride in the diversity of our teams, beginning with the recruitment and hiring process, as well as the way that we think about our workplace culture, content, audiences, and experiences. 

     Key Responsibilities:  

  • Create and publish branded social media content to your personal Instagram & TikTok channels that adheres to all legal and brand guidelines 
  • Ability to post at least 4-6 total posts across IG/TikTok during the 4 week program 
  • Drive awareness of Hulu’s Student Deal and encourage followers to sign up  
  • Actively engage with Hulu’s social channels to stay up to date on brand happenings  
  • Effectively communicate the value of Hulu’s Student Deal  
  • Align creative expression with Hulu’s look/feel while maintaining your authentic presence 
  • Host giveaways through your social channels for Hulu brand enthusiasts 
  • Maintain timely, proactive communication with all Riddle & Bloom program stakeholders and complete virtual training 1 week prior to program launch 
"Working for R&B gave me hands-on experience, and I developed marketing skills that are important when trying to get in the industry.”
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University of Illinois


  • $800 program stipend for fulfilling program responsibilities 
  • Ongoing coaching and professional development support from the Riddle & Bloom team 
  • Valuable marketing and leadership experience and opportunity to establish relationships with Hulu Marketing teams and be considered for future opportunities  

     You Are:  

  • A loyal Hulu viewer and lover of storytelling, TV and making connections 
  • Influential on social media and up-to-date on the latest digital trends and platforms 
  • Bold personality and well-connected on campus 
  • Outgoing and excited to share the benefits of the Hulu student deal with your social followings 

    Additional Requirements:  

  • Full-time undergraduate student 
  • Able to receive and safely store physical program materials (e.g. promotional items) 
  • Current GPA of 3.0+ 
  • Eligible to work in the US with a valid SSN 
  • Not currently engaged in another ambassador program, partnership, or paid endorsement with a competitor, including those involved with another Riddle & Bloom program 
  • Example Additional Requirements:  
    • Include a link in your post and social bio to Hulu’s Student Deal sign up page 
    • Use required tags/hashtags in your post and caption, including required legal copy and FTC disclosures 
    • Allow appropriate permissions and enable whitelisting for Hulu to promote your posts