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Activating Student Agents

As the streaming wars raged on and the battle for share of minutes intensified, Amazon Prime Video partnered with Wasserman Next Gen to tease season 2 of Jack Ryan. The activation whisked unsuspecting students into a covert intel mission that transported students from the classroom to the Toronto skyline.

The Mission

Students were selected and given specific information for their secret mission, including where and when to report. Working with the Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto and a private helicopter company, a kitted out a Long Ranger 206 helicopter was branded in distinct Jack Ryan imagery. 

The helicopter was mobilized to transport ten hand-selected Toronto-based university students, aka “agents”, on their mission centered around gathering aerial intelligence of the skyline to report back to their networks. The activated agents were covertly escorted to a nearby helipad via black SUV to be fitted for their flight suits before a briefing session. While onboard, the agents captured content to deliver back to their social networks through a top-secret content and information exchange, Instagram. 

Increasing Our Campaign Exposure

To further promote the show, we setup an exclusive screening for students to view the premiere of Jack Ryan, Season 2.

Additionally, student agents were engaged as ambassadors across multiple Canadian university campuses and were digitally briefed on the world of Jack Ryan before completing missions including hosting screenings and driving signups for Prime Video. 

The Jack Ryan experience physically and mentally transported students from their day to day, bringing the screen to life as students lived like Jack Ryan while driving intrigue and excitement around a new season.

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