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Bringing students’ love of coffee and Coffee-Mate together in a finals week campus takeover.   

College students love coffee! But they don’t love the dreaded finals period.

Nestlé Coffee-Mate, the market leader in the coffee creamer category, wanted to engage with college students in a larger than life way and let students at Ohio State University know they had their backs as they headed into final exams – shaping coffee consumption preferences while they were at it.

So, we created and brought a 20’ tall coffee cup café to campus to provide students with the energy and treats they needed to succeed.

The week-long café activation also served as a hub for an on-demand coffee & creamer delivery service where mobile scooters (they were actually motorized coolers!) were dispatched and fulfilled coffee requests real-time after students Tweeted at them.

Drones caught the activity and relayed locations of scooters, captured video and photography, and let students know where to find the coffee love.


1 K
cups of coffee sampled (1 for every OSU undergrad!)
1.2 M
Social media impressions
90 M
PR impressions
64 %
of OSU students heard or saw the promotion
10 %
of students tried Coffee-Mate for the first time
68 %
of students agreed to search out Coffee-Mate for future use

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