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The Energy You Need for Your Firsts

The FORTO Firsts College Influencer Program created a platform to introduce a first of its kind coffee energy shot to college students in a way that was relevant to the life stage they were traveling through. The program leaned into being the energy and catalyst to get through college firsts.

Sky diving, anyone?

College is a time of Firsts. First time pulling an all-nighter. First time two-stepping your way through a dance marathon. First time skydiving?

The program launched as a sampling program that as part of their event integrations gathered various student wishes for the firsts. After weeks of casually asking students what their goals and pipe dreams were, we found our FORTO Firsts superheroes. We reached out to the lucky ones and were met with so much enthusiasm and gratitude.

Got to jump out of a plane between classes today.
forto coffee
University of Michigan Forto Coffee - Riddle & Bloom

Fall 2019

In Fall of 2019, 10 Universities took part in the Forto First campaign.

The Results

4 K
Giveaways distributed
38 K+
Peer-to-peer conversations
0 M
Social impressions
4 M
Total program impressions

Our special FORTO Firsts moments:

  • Three students at University of Miami had a blast on their day jet skiing around Miami Beach.
  • One student from University of Arkansas who always wanted to learn how to play an instrument was surprised with a guitar and one month of lessons.
  • Two students from Texas A&M and two students from University of South California jumped out of a plane! (With a certified skydiver)
  • Finally, two students from UCLA got a chance to learn how to surf for the first time

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