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Celebrating iconic show characters with content generation and events in a big way.  

How do you build awareness around HBO and not just the legendary shows they are known for? We wanted to build a stronger connection between the HBO brand, the characters and then corresponding shows among college students. 

The HBO Watch Me Become on Campus program was created to celebrate the characters themselves in a big way.  

We transformed everyday college students into iconic HBO show characters, capturing these transformations every step of the way, and then pushing this content with social media, events and PR.  

And timing was key. Halloween is an occasion when young people express themselves creatively and will share and participate in unique experiences. This big idea tied into the Halloween timeframe and DIY costume frenzy. 

Extending the Exposure

Reaching audiences through well-known media outlets with unique content connected these well-known characters to the HBO brand while building intrigue. We captured all the behind the scenes activity with time-lapse video, before and after makeovers, informative how-to’s and turned this content into rich DIY tutorials for all.  

Then we brought the party to the schools with a 3-stop college event series where Watch Me Become on Campus came to life at events. 

The HBO Watch Me Become on Campus initiative hammered home the connection between the iconic characters that students know and love…and the HBO brand itself.

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The Results

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