Victory Monkeys Brand Ambassador

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Do you love Victory Brewing Company and their iconic Victory Monkeys beers? Do you chase that 5 pm Friday feeling no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing? The Victory Monkeys Brand Ambassador Program is perfect for “the life of the party”, like yourself. Through this hands-on opportunity, Victory Monkeys Brand Ambassadors gain experience in peer-to-peer and influencer marketing while playing an integral role in Victory Monkeys’ efforts to build more brand advocates.  

This is a paid, short-term role. This role requires you to engage your peers in-person and on social media. Selected Brand Ambassadors must also be available to attend blitz events the week of Monkeyfest and one (1) marquee event happening in their locale.  

     Key Responsibilities:

  • Complete virtual training and program planning tasks prior to program launch 
  • Create opportunities to engage with your peers in-person to promote Victory Monkeys and the marquee event    
  • Post on your personal social media accounts (Instagram and TikTok) leading up to the event 
  • Craft and edit engaging content  
  • Engage with followers online by replying to comments and story replies  
  • Network with other Victory Monkeys Brand Ambassadors  
  • Share visible links and create social media buzz 
  • Attend the Victory Monkeys marquee event  
"Working for Wasserman Next Gen gave me hands-on experience, and I developed marketing skills that are important when trying to get in the industry.”
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  • $200/week per active program week for fulfilling program responsibilities    
  • Free Victory Monkeys and swag 
  • Coaching and professional development from Wasserman Next Gen managers  
  • Opportunity to grow your network as an online influencer 

     You Are:  

  • A Brand Advocate: A passion for the Victory Monkeys Beers
  • Involved in Your Community: Influential with friends and peers, strong connections in town 
  • Creative: Willing to post content and SHARE your passion for the Victory Monkeys  
  • Down To Earth: Friendly and welcoming to everyone     

    Additional Requirements:  

  • Must be at least 21 years of age  
  • Reside in Cleveland, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, or New York City 
  • Eligible to work in the United States with a valid Social Security Number (SSN) 
  • Currently active and outgoing across all social media channels, with specific attention to Instagram  
  • Willing to keep social media profiles public for the duration of the program 
  • Not currently contracting work with a competing brand or product 

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